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The First Ever Nationally Recognized ACM Wall Panel System

Posted by Joel McKinley on Nov 21, 2016 8:37:00 AM

Historically, as it pertains to ACM wall panel designs or ACM wall panel systems, one of the biggest challenges that the industry has struggled with is the single-source specification. This is where only one manufacturer is listed or one type of panel design is specified as the desired wall panel, for a project. It becomes very difficult if not impossible to follow these specs, and the result to date is often an open invitation for alternate systems or untested systems to be submitted for a building project. The main problem this causes is injecting multiple system designs, details, fabrication and installation methods into a scenario where budgets need to be met or specific design criteria needs to be met while trying to achieve a competitive price that is not apples to apples. It is not uncommon that the single source design or manufacturer that's been listed could be on the other side of the United States, or up in Canada, and it could be very difficult for a fabricator to service the project that they have been spec’d on - typically by way of cut and paste practices.

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